Located at the intersection of the creative and the commercial, HBWB blurs the lines of art, design, architecture and fashion to arrive at our vision of a consumer culture with soul.

HASBEENS & WILLBEES was founded by John Mollett and Kai Kühne



Kai was a fashion designer who could have been found swinging from a chandelier at a party after glitter bombing important fashion editors at one of his shows. During that time, he created pieces of clothing that are now hanging in important museums and in the collections of some of the world's coolest women. 

Around this time, John's stomping grounds was on the Upper East Side at the the Geneva based, Jan Krugier Gallery. The Gallery specialized in Modern Masters and represented the largest estate of Picasso outside of the Muse Picasso in Paris. 

When a fashion line made way for a new era of production, and a dealer who was the last of a breed went on to a better place...the idea for an auction house was born.

HBWB knows no limit of venue and will produce projects in different locations.