TICKET TO HABIBI 10/7 6:00 pm

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HW_Habibi_ ticket.jpg

TICKET TO HABIBI 10/7 6:00 pm


DATE: SUNDAY: October 7, 2018

TIME: 6:00

LOCATION: Hasbeens & Willbees. 11 Delaware Ave, Andes NY

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Recently playing such venues as Lincoln Center and the MOMA gardens,
Habibi is heading upstate to for an intimate performance where they
will play some new tracks for the first time.

Brooklyn-based indie quartet Habibi were formed in the spring of 2011
by Detroit expatriates Rahill Jamalifard and Lenny Lynch, tapping into
their Motown roots of simple but infectious pop melodies delivered
with punkish attitude, and a middle-eastern flair. Jamalifard took
lead vocal duties and Lynch played guitar and sang back-ups, and the
lineup was rounded out by drummer Karen Isabel and bassist Leah Beth
Fishman. They released a self-titled debut album of their dreamy-eyed
and dancey pop in 2013 before taking a hiatus to focus on other
projects. In a year fraught with political turbulence and cultural
unease, Habibi’s first EP in over four years; significantly, the first
one recorded in Farsi, came at a crucial time. The four-track effort,
'Cardamom Garden' was quickly acclaimed by NPR, The New Yorker, and
Pitchfork who praised its songs, "full of music that blends cultures,
languages, and genres, with charming and intriguing results (...)
shedding rigid definitions of what constitutes American music on the
way to the band’s future."