BABY I'M A STAR            Sept 12 - Oct 2.                                                                                  ROMEO. 90 LUDLOW. NYC                                                                     BABY I'M A STAR channels fashion via ouija board; the ghost of Sigmund Freud just showed up in studded Loubatin boots and she is with us now. She tells us that Fashion is mutating zone, a tool of sublimation to channel our pain, our hate, and this deep desire to be loved - infinitely - in a reaction against society for society. Our dreams sewn onto a gilded golden gown, we made ourselves, with a sticky September issue & a sewing machine. Replica Versace + iron on Supreme, we do our best, to be like them, but we are better than them, we are the real stars. The adderall stardust lights our path, we catwalk, we moan. The ring of last night’s lipstick creates a perfect circle, we pass through it gently, trying not to snag our Westwood Wolfords on the freshly sharpened teeth. Things fall apart, our Gods are melting. Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial filling all our special holes, poppy red tears, scarlet red tears, crimson and coral. i love you DADDY i hate you MOMMY. Our need for terror is complete. A capitalist structure and a mutated impulse, The new color for THE FALL is BLACK. - Aurel Schmidt


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